The Stark Naked Number book. The breakthrough

‘You don’t need to have all the answers; you just need to understand the problem better. By stripping your financials down to the bare essentials, you can see your numbers stark naked and identify the facts that really matter.’

Jason Andrew, author of ‘Stark Naked Numbers’ book

Nowadays, traditional accounting simply cannot keep up with the current financial challenges anymore. In order to make your business thrive, you need to completely change the way you look at your numbers.

In Stark Naked Numbers book, you will find practical secrets the world’s best CFOs and revered investors know about a business that lasts.

Stark Naked Numbers Book
Jason Andrew Stark Naked Numbers

WHO is this book for?

‘Like many business owners, I lied to myself about what success looked like. I hid behind my financials and (even worse) ignored them. But no more. I found a better way. I needed to uncover my business to reveal the truth.’ – excerpt from the book ‘Stark Naked Numbers’

Hundreds of thousands of business owners have these ‘want-to-give-up’ moments each and every day. I’ve also been through this breakdown myself until I decided to shift my mindset and set myself up for success.

Whether you are a start-up or scale-up business, a young entrepreneur or a creative visionary wishing to achieve financial freedom, this book is for you.

Never enough cash in the bank for payments or/and new investments? No financial clarity? No self-worth? Then the Stark Naked Number book is definitely for you.

WHAT will you learn from this book?

In Stark Naked Numbers book you’ll find a lot of counter-intuitive wisdom and financial truths you can start using immediately.

It will make your business thrive and, even more, accelerate your light years ahead of the competition. Some of the most important lessons are:

  • Why the profit your CPA reports to you is fake
  • Why selling more of your product or service will not make you profitable
  • Why you should fire 80% of your customers
  • How do you unlock the cash in your business?
  • When can you afford to hire your next employee?
  • When can you give yourself a raise?
Stark Naked Numbers lessons

WHY should you read this book?

All successful business owners truly understand their numbers. When you do, you can make better decisionsgenerate more cash flow and ultimately get more profit. Plus, the Stark Naked Numbers book will also teach you how to make smarter investments while being in full control of your finance.



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